Space Clearing

Space clearing

Jeanne-Marie and her colleague Christie clear space by generating and radiating high frequency energy into the area so that negative energies are released easily and gently. Together they hold a powerful field of high vibrational energy. They use both ancient and leading-edge methods for the space clearing ritual.

We ensure that the space will be uplifted, harmonious and light by using:-

  • sound (bells, rattles and singing bowl)
  • salt and sage
  • shamanic prayer
  • Holy Water (Glastonbury Well water that has been infused with high frequencies)
  • crystals and flowers
  • powerful symbols
  • candles
  • angelic music
  • sacred geometry
  • tailor-made space clearing mist (containing flower essences and essential oils)

After the ceremony we will check the space with a pendulum &/or kinesiology to ensure clarity.

Jeanne-Marie and Christie also specialise in seeing individuals or groups to create more harmonious dynamics if required.

Please contact me for further details and prices.

Jeanne-Marie Aerts
Registered General Nurse, Kinesiologist, Flower Remedy Practitioner, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics

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