Create the Life of your Dreams

Create the life of your dreams

It would be great if your outer world mirrored your inner desires. What is it you dream about? Are there areas of your life you wish to change - such as relationships, health, work or money?

To make our dreams real we may need to address any resistance. I believe that our beliefs create our reality and that your potential is unlimited, and that we all deserve - and can - live in joy. I will work with you with the aim that you can have everything.

Glastonbury retreat

Loving Your Magical Self

Ashram Retreat in Glastonbury

We are excited to announce our retreat at the Ashram in Glastonbury at the base of the Tor. At this wonderful retreat we will be sharing leading edge processes to reveal your Wild and Wonderful Self. During this exciting weekend there will be:- The Fabulous Four Questions, a walking meditation to the Tor, E.F.T (also known as tapping), meditation, Kundalini Yoga and many more surprises. More...

How I work

I use Energy Healing, simple Kinesiology techniques and affirmations to help you find your true Path and create the Life of your Dreams. In my work with you I will give you easy-to-use tools that you can utilise at home in your own time; the soul moves slowly, so work outside sessions helps you assimilate new insights and healing, and supports the new direction you are wanting and choosing.

Our natural state is one of love and joy, and our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and well-being. We know when we are out of balance because we feel uncomfortable. Any resistance to your natural state of well-being lowers your frequency, diminishing the body's natural healing power and leading to poor health and dis-ease. Using your inbuilt Emotional Guidance System you can return to perfect health at any point.

I create and hold the space in which you will tune into your Emotional Guidance System and reach a higher vibrational state. This is a place of joy, pleasure and happiness at the top of the emotional scale. This is where healing takes place.

The Law of Attraction

"Let your dominant intent be to feel good which means be playful, have fun, laugh often, look for reasons to appreciate and practice the art of appreciation. And as you practice it, the Universe, who has been watching you practice, will give you constant opportunities to express it. So that your life just gets better and better and better." Abraham

Where I work

My private practice is located in Streatham Common Southside, Southwest London. There is ample free parking on-street. Streatham Common and the Rookery are a short walk away, where you will find one of Streatham's 3 healing wells. I recommend spending some time in nature after a session to really ground the energy from the session and maximise the benefit. You can find a map of the Rookery here. I have developed my philosophy as a result of my own real life journey. The trainings I have chosen reflect those methods that have transformed my life.

Please feel free to call me or message me by WhatsApp or text:

Mobile: 07956 337426

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeanne-Marie Aerts

Jeanne-Marie Aerts
Registered General Nurse, Kinesiologist, Flower Remedy Practitioner, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics

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